Common Laundry Room Sink Plumbing Problems

Do you notice damp walls or floors around your laundry room sink? Check the pipes and fittings for leaks. Are there loose joints in your pipe connections? Tighten loose connections and you may stop an incidental leak without the need to call a plumber. You can also deal with small leaks from holes in a pipe by wrapping the pipe in rubber hose and applying clamps at the top, bottom, and at the source of the leak. Epoxy over a small hole with plumber's epoxy designed specifically for these types of leaks.

Another laundry center problem comes from clogs. If you have a buildup of soap, lint, or hair in your laundry room sink drain or floor drain, eventually a clog will form. If you have a water shutoff valve installed on your laundry room sink, turn off the water, and remove the u-shaped pipe and look for the clog. You may need to inspect the straight ends of the pipe on either side to find the clumped hair and soap. Once the clog is removed, your drains will work normally again.