Environmentally-friendly Drain Care

Many plumbing services now recommend environmentally-friendly drain care such as BioChoiceES® or other natural alternatives. There are many reasons to use these biodegradable, "green" cleaners in your drains, but the most important is safety. While you may have a sink maintenance situation that you feel justifies a chemical drain cleaner, these chemicals may leave residue that can wash back into your sink, tub, or toilet.

Ever notice a slight burning sensation when using a tub or sink after a chemical treatment? Chemicals also may create fumes that can be harmful unless you work in a well-ventilated area. Environmentally-friendly drain care can also be caustic to exposed skin or your eyes, but these cleaners do not affect the composition of your drains themselves. Some chemical cleaners may damage your pipes. A good part of plumbing preventive maintenance is regular use of a drain cleaner; knowing those cleaners won't hurt the pipes is just as important.