Bath Sinks and Faucets 101: Replacing Faucets Only

If you want a luxury bathroom design but don't want to do a compete remodel, there are ways to create the perfect modern bathroom or use traditional bathroom design ideas to upgrade one piece at a time. Sometimes you can change the look of a bath sink simply by replacing the faucets, but keeping the sink itself. Sinks and faucets should be matched carefully since they come in a variety of hole drillings and basins. There's no such thing as a universal fit.There are four basic types of faucets and their respective drillings:

  • Wall-mounted - with a long spout to reach from the wall to the basin plus one or two handles
  • Single lever - has a spout and a single handle to mix hot and cold
  • Widespread - with a spout and two handles, all mounted as individual pieces
  • Center set - a spout and two handles mounted in a center plate

Use the configuration of your original faucet as a guide to buying a replacement; bring the original with you when shopping for the replacement to compare if you aren't sure. When removing the old faucet, be sure to turn off the water and remove the water supply connection from the faucet before dismantling it.