Bath Sink Options

If you are planning to replace or improve your bathroom plumbing, you have a wide range of options when it comes to bath sinks. A wall-mounted sink is an excellent alternative for modern bathrooms, but if you are after a more traditional look, try a pedestal sink. Regardless of the style and mounting, make sure you have enough elbow room for comfortable sink use. Install your new sink at least a foot away from the closest wall or the toilet to avoid banging your elbows when washing or brushing.

Your bathroom sink construction options include porcelain, marble, and vitreous china. When using china or porcelain, beware of dropping items onto these surfaces as they tend to chip. Metal and fiberglass surfaces are also easily chipped or scratched in the right circumstances. Busy bathroom sinks used by children and teenagers are often better off with durable surfaces, such as enameled iron or steel.